About ZEN30

ZEN30 color therapy eye wear uses the powerful components of color to help balance emotional states as well as provide physical benefits. By wearing our glasses for a minimum of 30 minutes a day, you will guarantee to feel the effects of our mood enhancing shades. 

Each color corresponds to the 7 major energy centers of the body also known as "The Chakras"Under each product description you will find a list of physical areas targeted as well as the corresponding Chakra for that particular color. 

To learn more about the science of color therapy please visit our "How it works" page. 

Giving Back: 

At ZEN30 we are heavily involved with our community and strongly believe in giving back. A portion of each purchase made with us goes towards providing free color therapy yoga and art classes through a community outreach program we created called YogART. To learn more about our mission to give back feel free to visit www.yogARTinc.com